Shoutout to guy-I-don’t-know PizzaDude, who make the font that I used for Epos’ handwriting, titled “attract more women.”
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This update was on Thursday. Nobody knows why. Spooky.

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I made us a subreddit 😀

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The Hiatus lasted centuries, but eventually it ended.
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Ugh. Another page that I don’t like the look of. Art sucks 🙁
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It’s technically still Friday in my timezone…
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Got an update out before dinner! What a twist!
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I drew that middle panel three different times to come up with a design that I could ever draw again, that didn’t look awful either. Not convinced I succeeded.
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Three updates in one day! Don’t say I never gave you anything. Not because of this, these were late, just don’t say that in general because that’s kinda a dickish thing to do.
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